Reviews – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Ashtanga Yoga BurlingtonReviews – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Reviews – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington


Michelle Hunter

5 out of 5  –  I was a student of Brahn’s yoga as time allowed for a few years many years ago.  Unfortunately, as life happened to me, I was unable to Burlington for yoga classes anymore.  I’ve gone to many yoga classes over the years and I’ve not been able to find an instructor like Brahn — trust me, I’ve tried!

As your website notes, most instructors seem to use yoga as a form of exercise and make it about muscle development – not caring about the mental and spiritual side of things, nor the prevention of injury and energy flow thru proper form.  I’m amazed that Brahn is one of the few instructors that care about hip alignment, stability, deep core and breath work.

Chaz Misener

5 out of 5  –  Brahn is a great teacher, I have taken yoga classes at many studio’s around Burlington & Hamilton and Brahn is for sure my favourite teacher that I have had yet. He is very precise with all of the details of a pose that really change everything and are fundamental to experiencing and practicing true yoga. He is very alert and is somehow able to guide an entire class while correcting and helping individuals throughout the class. I highly recommend taking a class with Brahn to anyone.

Laura Clark

5 out of 5  –  I have been going to this particular yoga class for approximately 4 years and really enjoy it. Brahn is wonderful teacher, always very supportive and knowledgeable. I have a bad back and neck and this class helps keep everything in alignment and working properly. If I do have some pain when I start the class- by the end class or by the next day the pain is greatly reduced or gone completely. Would definitely recommend this class to all, regardless of their level of yoga experience.

Andy Brook

5 out of 5  –  Brahn’s yoga instruction is precise, consistent and easy to understand. I’ve tried other Yoga classes in the past and this is the best by far. The classes follow a simple pattern so after a few lessons you don’t have to worry about which pose is which, and instead just focus and breathe!

Denise Smolenaars

5 out of 5  –  Great class, great instructor! I’ve been taking classes with Brahn for about 9 years and still look forward to going every week. Highly recommend trying it out!

Mark Berkovitz

5 out of 5  –  My wife and I joined Brahn’s class for the first time this winter and look forward to the class every week. Brahn’s instruction offers a great balance between the physical and meditative parts of yoga and we have definitely found that Brahn’s instruction is supportive to both the beginner, like us, and the experienced students. At the end of the class we always feel more energized and relaxed.

Joyce King

5 out of 5  –  Best yoga class in town! I have been in Brahn’s class for about 15 years and I highly recommend it. Great workout with focus on breathing, alignment and flow of energy. Newcomers, don’t hesitate to sign up. Brahn is a great teacher and you will feel confident and comfortable in no time.

Kaleigh Mullen

5 out of 5  –  Amazing and informative instructor! Assists his students with proper alignment and pays attention to ensure that you are in proper positioning. Challenges those that are looking for something a little more, while modifying poses for those that require it. Definitely worth the personal experience of signing up for a class series instead of drop-in’s at all the big name studios. Even if you’ve done yoga for years, this will change the way you practice!

Bill & Barb Shillingford

5 out of 5  –  We have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga twice a week for 11 years and can feel the result. Brahn has helped us through the years with correct alignment and encouragement through our journey to good health and flexibility.  We look forward to our weekly classes and have made some very nice friendships along the way. We highly recommend Brahn and Ashtanga Yoga to keep you fit and healthy.  We wish we had started practicing Yoga earlier in life but luckily you can start at any age.

Anita R.

5 out of 5  –  Brahn is an excellent yoga teacher and I highly recommend his class!

Sonja D.

5 out of 5  –  I am currently taking yoga lessons with Brahn and I am really enjoying them! Brahn is super attentive to everyone during class and really ensures that everyone masters the moves that are being taught. He gives great tips for improvement as well! Highly recommend this class!

Karol Little

5 out of 5  –  Being easily distracted by the smallest of things, I thought yoga would be “to slow” to keep me interested, as I’ve tried the traditional yoga with my mom a few years ago. But my girlfriend and I decided to give it a shot anyways, and to my surprise it kept me stimulated, and forced me to focus on the task at hand. I even broke a sweat! It’s a great work out both physically and mentally, and I don’t think I would have the same experience with any other teacher. Brahn’s teaching style is very relaxed but involved, this allowed for us to feel comfortable learning in a studio full of pros, his corrections and explanations were easy to understand and follow along with. I can safely say I am no longer a sceptic, and will highly recommend his class to anyone who wants a more intense yoga without the stress.

Eric Cameron

5 out of 5  –  My wife and I have been going for two years. Thoroughly enjoy it! Brahn continues to show amazing levels of enthusiasm and patience with newbies, challenging us to continue to improve and attain our goals while assuring us that “becoming a pretzel” isn’t the aim and may take a long time anyways. We enjoy his attitude, his commitment to the students and his occassional giggles when we grunt and groan.

Sandy Hunt

5 out of 5  –  Going to yoga at Tansley Woods is not the wonderful experience you might think with the abundance of yoga studios around these days, but once you enter the doors of the “classroom” you will find a yoga experience that will remain with you long after. I’ve been practicing yoga with Brahn for over 10 years and enjoying every minute of it.

Sophie Lalonde

5 out of 5  –  I would highly recommend Ashtanga Yoga for anyone interested in practicing yoga! Brahn is extremely welcoming and helpful. If you have never practiced yoga before, this is an ideal place to start; you don’t feel pressured to do more than you can handle, and by the end of the class you feel completely comfortable. I have practice yoga at a few other studios in Burlington, but this is by far my favorite- I look forward to going there every week. Some people in my class have been practicing with Brahn for over 10 years, and still come back looking forward to the class every week.

Kim Slomka

5 out of 5  –  Great weekly class. The instructor is encouraging and paces the class for all levels.

Kathleen Kiehn

5 out of 5  –  I knew I always wanted to try practicing Yoga, so last year I tried a couple of different studios in the city, but was discouraged because I just could not find the ” right fit” for me. Then I tried Brahn’s class and found even more than I was looking for, my mind and body are both better for Brahn’s teachings. I would recommend this class for all!

Robert Charles

5 out of 5  –  Brahn’s teaching style is relaxed and based on a long history within Ashtanga yoga. Brahn exhibits a deep, natural understanding of this particular yoga format His classes are quickly adapted to each individual student in the class. He provides everyone equal and targeted attention so that each can easily and accurately develop a beneficial and rewarding experience. Brahn’s patience and consistency have made each and every session with him a pleasure to take.

Katherine Ward

5 out of 5  –  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brahn’s ashtanga yoga classes. I stumbled serendipitously across him several years ago, looking for refuge from a fancy gym and have never left. He has a personal approach, working quietly with individuals at all levels from newbies to very experienced students, while still leading and helping the whole class maintain focus. He has a way of using language that really helps me understand a posture a little more each time, and his gentle adjustments never cease to make my yoga practice better. Brahn really cares that we do it “right” from the get-go and challenges his students in a positive and empowering way. If you’re looking for loud, trendy yoga, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for a peaceful, enlightening, empowering experience and a return to simplicity, this is the class for you.

Carey Murray

5 out of 5  –  I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for almost 40 years now. My first class with Brahn was over 10 years ago, my wife prompted me to join her for the next session at the time. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I already had a lot of instruction and practice, but had no experience in the Ashtanga system.
What I encountered at Brahn’s class was a refuge from the normal stresses and demands of a busy life. It’s very peaceful and relaxing. The instruction is highly technically competent. The environment is a place where one can develop comfortably to whatever level they wish to pursue. Ashtanga is also now my preferred system of yoga. In addition for the potential of positive personal transformation, it seems to have the perfect balance of flexibility, strength and cardio training. I sometimes take breaks to pursue other things like martial arts, strength training, or running, but I ultimately keep coming back to Brahn’s class.
Brahn is calm, knowledgeable, encouraging and helpful. He embodies the benefits of a long and sincere practice in a very genuine and real way.

Anthony Hall

5 out of 5  –  I absolutely love Brahn’s classes. I leave feeling grounded, de-stressed,and healed with a sense of connection between mind and body. Brahn is an amazing teacher. He is patient and encourages everyone (newbies and advanced) to work to their full potential. These classes are all about “true” yoga, focusing on breathing, alignment, and the flow of energy….not about stretching and flexibility.

Susie Sagheddu

5 out of 5  –  Brahn is the real deal! I have tried a number of yoga studios in the Burlington/Oakville area and found that not one of them compared to Ashtanga Yoga. Brahn’s classes really help me connect with the movement and alignment of my body in a way that no others have. He brings everything back to the basics. No blocks, straps or gadgets to mess around with. Just you, your mat and the calm guidance of a genuine yogi!

April Smith

5 out of 5  –  Excellent classes! Best instructor I have ever had. I highly recommend this class. It is so difficult to find good yoga… this is it!

Karyn Fagan

5 out of 5  –  If you’re looking for a studio with beautiful, grainy hardwood floors, flickering candlelight in the background and the smell of patchouli in the air while you’re doing yoga in your stylish Lulu’s before heading out with your BFFs to grab a Starbucks, this is not the class for you. However, if you’re looking for a practice that will leave you feeling healed in body and spirit with your mind centred and grounded at the end of class with the effects lasting long after you’ve said ‘namaste’, then you’ve found the right place. Taught by a teacher who follows the true Eastern discipline and can seamlessly flow between students who have never done any form of activity at all to advanced, bendy yogis, Ashtanga Yoga Burlington offers a refreshing perspective on yoga in the new age. The class is attended by newbies and continuing students alike and is offered at convenient times in Tansley Woods Rec Centre in Burlington. The instructor, Brahn, instills the same simple principles with his class each week and is not afraid to adjust and tweak your positioning to create the proper energy flow. His guided meditations are easy to follow and enlightening. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to practice true yoga and not just partake in a fad.

Les Piech

5 out of 5  –  Of all the yoga classes I really enjoy this one due to Brahn’s emphasis on correct form and alignment.

Lindsey Topp

5 out of 5  –  I would highly recommend Ashtanga Yoga Burlington to all! Brahn is a great yoga instructor! He is able to communicate the essence of yoga to brand new students and veterans alike. Brahn is also able to cater to all different ages and abilities, and knows how to encourage his students to new heights. If you’re looking for a yoga class in Burlington – this is the one you should attend!

Tracey P.

5 out of 5  –  Very supportive & knowledgeable instructor; calm atmosphere – a wonderful yoga class.

Brian Pugh

5 out of 5  –  Brahn is a world class yoga instructor!!! I have been in his class for 10 years & used to gain winter weight every year, but now at 50 I have the body of a healthy 20 year old instead. And everyone looks forward to the neck massage during the 15 minute relaxation at the end of every vigorous class!

A Google User

5 out of 5  –  Yoga at my pace in Burlington! Last summer, I decided to try yoga and knew I wanted a ‘traditional’ class, not one of those ‘hot yoga’ classes. It took me until the Fall to find exactly that. Being a newby to yoga, I was apprehensive but after experiencing Brahn’s class once, I knew I had found the best of yoga teachers!

Stephanie Beatson

5 out of 5  –  I’ve been a student at Ashtanga Yoga Burlington for about 9 years now. Since joining yoga, my back pain has disappeared, my arm and abdominal muscles have toned, I am more flexible and I feel better overall. It has become a vital part of my overall health.
I’ve tried other yoga classes including hot yoga, but I have not found any other teacher who comes close in terms of skill or knowledge, nor have I had similar results anywhere else.
Brahn shows each pose from the most modified version right up to the most advanced, so people of any ability level are able to participate at all times and get something from the classes. He gently guides students through the series of poses, highlighting the important points to remember with each pose, always reminding that the focus should first and foremost be on alignment.


5 out of 5  –  I attended a couple of Brahn’s classes this summer while vacationing and was amazed at what a great teacher he is.  I have been practicing ashtanga yoga for 12 years both through led classes & in my own personal practice.  I have also attended many workshops over the years held by international ashtanga yoga teachers.  I found Brahn’s style of teaching to be very effective and I learned so much from him in those short two classes.  I wish I’d had the opportunity to attend more.  Brahn had a way of explaining the postures and breaking them down for both the beginner and the experienced student in a way I had never heard before and it really spoke to me.  His corrections during the practice truly helped me and I went away with a much stronger practice.  I have recommended Brahn’s classes to my friends who live locally and have even told my yoga teachers in Northern Ireland about some of the tips and methods that Brahn used in his class.  Thanks Brahn!


5 out of 5  –  The Real Thing! – I took my first sessions with Brahn almost ten years ago, and after a hiatus, I recently returned. I agree with the other reviewers…Brahn’s classes are excellent. He has been doing this for a long time (long before yoga studios began to pop up on every other corner!), he is completely invested in the practice of yoga, and knows his art well. He is gentle, kind and simply radiates peace and positive energy. I can’t recommend his classes highly enough!


5 out of 5  –  FAVOURITE YOGA STUDIO!! Brahn was my first yoga instructor about 10 years ago. Due to where I lived at the time, I tried other places, but nothing compared to Brahn’s classes. His calm, encouraging personality make it easy to learn the poses. For Brahn’s students, it’s all about doing what you can in the moment. No matter how many people are in the class, Brahn always has time to help make it a great class for you. Classes are appropriate for all yoga levels. You’ll love it!


5 out of 5  –  This class is definitely the best yoga class I have ever done. Brahn is very encouraging and motivating. The energy in the class is very calming and relaxing. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants an outstanding instructor as well as a great workout!


5 out of 5  –  An amazing class! I have taken yoga classes at other locations, but this class is by far the best. Brahn is gifted instructor. Not only does he provides a calm and relaxing environment, he offers support and guidance to each student in the class. The class is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety, but it is also a challenging workout that will improve your flexibility, strength and general well being. This class is excellent for people at all levels of yoga, I was quite nervous my first class but Brahn’s calm energy and supportive words put my nerves to rest. I have recommended this class to everyone I know, and have yet to hear a negative response. TRY IT!


5 out of 5  –  Brahn is an amazing yoga instructor. He is extremely supportive of newcomers and is in general, very nuturing, kind and knowledgeable. He makes adjustments as needed and continuously suggests ways to progress or enhance your yoga practice. Brahn creates a very light and friendly atmoshere and you always leave feeling wonderful. I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone!!!


5 out of 5  –  Great class! The instructor explains everything really well and is very patient. I’ve taken classes elsewhere and they just don’t compare.

A Google User

5 out of 5  –  A great experience every time!!! I have been a student here for four months now, and everytime I go I get a safe, excellent workout and leave feeling amazing! Besides looking better, it has made me a calmer person, since I am able to handle everyday stress much more easily. Ashtanga Yoga has improved my life and my health tremendously! Thank you!!