Ashtanga Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Ashtanga Yoga BurlingtonAshtanga Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Ashtanga Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

First of all, Ashtanga Yoga is not a trendy fad that has been recently concocted.  It can be traced back thousands of years & has survived the test of times to remain unchanged.  This form of yoga literally saved my life, (I’m Brahn, the instructor) after doctors & modern medicine had given me a death sentence in my early 20’s.  I have been announcing publicly for 18 years that I cannot get sick, and have been closely monitored by my students throughout that time because at first they did not believe it possible.  Now, almost two decades later, no one doubts that it is quite possible to never get sick or diseased, and to heal from ANY current ailment.  In my opinion, & in the opinion of millions of others for millennium, this is the most powerful form of exercise & self-healing that currently exists on our planet, period.

Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous series of postures performed in the same order every time you practice, which are connected by “vinyasas”.  A vinyasa is a fluid movement that also keeps the body warm & energized. Each pose is typically held for 5 (ujjayi) long & focused breaths, which makes this somewhat of a faster-paced yoga.  While this practice is very relaxing for the the mind, it definitely pushes the body.

There are ways to modify all of the poses, so anyone can do Ashtanga Yoga as long as severe chronic back or wrist pain are not present.  I have taught every body type, every grade of flexibility, and every age between 14 and 79.  There are some students who have perfect bodies, but most do not!  Most of my students are a regular section out of society, they just want to be able to have control over their own health, rather than just perform a calorie burning exercise.  Yoga taught and done properly at a comfortable temperature is the difference between today’s disastrous “health” system, and allowing us to have perfect health, free from all disease.

This is NOT the recently invented and trendy hot “yoga”, which is performed in a room heated to at least 35 degrees, which Brahn and many doctors and scientists believe to be harmful.  Hot yoga misses the most important and fundamental aspect of yoga postures, which is to push healing energy through your body, something that is just not done, or done very little at extreme temperatures.  This is a traditional, vigourous ancient practice of yoga that makes you warm and sweaty because of how you are moving and aligning, in order to make healing energy (prana) move through your body.  My hope is that everyone who loves hot yoga, please come and try a FREE CLASS and see what real yoga is all about!  Everything you like about hot yoga is taken from the ancient practice of Ashtanga Yoga, but Ashtanga Yoga has none of the suffering and negative effects of hot yoga.

You will find that you are not moving any faster than if you were walking on the moon. However, the cardio workout and light sweat that you will receive are evident of the benefit that you are giving your body, not to mention the glowing feeling that you have as you leave class. This practice not only produces beautiful bodies, but beautiful outlooks, & beautiful people.

Yoga is a practice that has been around for 5,000 years. Although many today simply regard yoga as just another form of exercise, it is a much more comprehensive practice that integrates mental, physical and spiritual elements.  It is said the physical positions of yoga represent only about 10 percent of its value, and the other 90 percent lies in the mental and spiritual growth that happens on the mat.

Yoga can be regarded as a form of meditation that demands your full attention & participation. The yoga positions (asanas) are tools for helping you learn new ways of moving and new ways of responding to your body and mind, which are automatically extended into other areas of your life.

The health benefits of yoga are many. It strengthens and tones your body, increases circulation & oxygenation, energizes you in the morning and helps you unwind in the evening.

People report the disappearance of aches & pains, better immunity, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, & faster healing when they do yoga.

Most people also feel more grounded, & many report increased compassion for others as a direct result of the compassion learned on the mat.

That said, from a purely physical standpoint, Yoga is excellent for your core & compliments other parts of your overall exercise program, such as interval and strength training. It strengthens your back, pelvis, shoulders, & spine—and of course can help cut & reveal those six-pack abs.

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