Yoga Instructor – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Ashtanga Yoga BurlingtonYoga Instructor – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Yoga Instructor – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Brahn is a highly respected Ashtanga Yoga instructor in Burlington, Ontario.  There is a notable difference that both beginning and continuing students alike notice during every one of Brahn’s classes.  This is a yoga instructor who really practices the principles he teaches – not only in body, but in spirit as well.  It is impossible to emphasize strongly enough how much more body awareness & focus students learn from Brahn compared to other teachers; you need to try a class to understand the difference.

Brahn entered the alternative health field after he encountered a major health crisis in University in which he was given just 2 years to live.  After getting no hope from the conventional medical field, he turned to other options in hopes of taking control over his own health.  As he explored healthier eating habits, energy work, naturopathic and Chinese doctors, he was also introduced to yoga, Tai Chi & meditation.

The beginning of Brahn’s teaching career was as a Tai Chi instructor with the Burlington Taoist Tai Chi Organization.  He quickly moved from leading the beginner classes up to the advanced and thoroughly enjoyed watching students transform their lives before his eyes.  After practicing yoga as a student himself for years, he was eager to pass on the physical and mental wisdom he had gained to others.

Tansley Woods Recreation Centre has been the main facility in which Brahn has taught since September 2001.  He intends to continue bringing happiness and helping others to achieve peace in his weekly scheduled classes and daily interactions.