Beginning Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Ashtanga Yoga BurlingtonBeginning Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

Beginning Yoga – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington

You’re all signed-up, excited and ready to start your first class… now what?  There are common questions that come up once you’re all ready to begin your first class and we hope that this page will help to address any questions you might have.  If you are wondering something that isn’t on this page, please send us an email or give us a call and we will be more than happy to provide you with an answer!


Here are the items you will want to bring with you to yoga:

  • Yoga mat        
  • Bottle of water
  • Bare feet

If you don’t want to practice in bare feet for whatever reason, there are yoga socks that can be purchased.  The benefit of practicing in bare feet is, a better grip on the mat and increased circulation to the feet.

Unless you’re ready to slip-slide around on your mat, it’s a good idea to avoid body lotions before a yoga class!

It’s best to wear something you’re comfortable in.  We recommend either a fitted top or one that can at least be tucked-in if need be.  Bottoms can be anything from shorts to pyjama bottoms!  Most men & women go in between and choose “yoga pants” or “track pants”.  Aim for a breathable material such as cotton for optimal health benefits.

Getting ready for your yoga class starts well before you walk in the room.  Our classes at Tansley Woods Community Centre and at the Atrium Banquet Centre are sometimes held around dinnertime.

Eat something light, such as fruit, nuts or a natural granola bar no less than 25 minutes before your class starts.  This will allow your food to get a good head-start on digesting and it will leave you energized for your class (not thinking about your full belly!).  Have a healthy dinner when you get home and you will feel the effects of all your hard work lasting even longer.

Aim for an earlier dinner as you won’t want to eat by the time you get home after your class.  Try to keep this dinner lighter and aim on finishing your meal no less than 1 hour before your class starts.   This will allow your food to get a good head-start on digesting and it will leave you energized for your class (not thinking about your full belly!).

You may have a water bottle planted beside your yoga mat, but we encourage you to drink water before and 20 minutes after your practice.  Sips during the class are okay, but avoiding big gulps will keep your heated metabolism working at it’s optimum!

This section is really up to you!  If this is your first class or first session and your body is still getting used to the new muscles you’re working, we recommend taking an Epsom salt bath after your class.  This really helps to relax the muscles and help them detoxify. The important part for you – you won’t be as sore in the morning!