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About Us – Ashtanga Yoga Burlington


Ashtanga Yoga Burlington classes are offered for Our 15th Year! at the Tansley Woods Recreation Centre in Burlington, Ontario. 3 kms from Oakville.  If you are looking for an experienced yoga instructor who not only teaches real, traditional yoga, but also lives the philosophy behind it, you have come to the right place.  This form of yoga is an ancient, time-tested, self-healing modality, and our instructor Brahn teaches and lives ideals of traditional yoga.  Ashtanga Yoga is not westernized hot yoga, which Brahn and many doctors and scientists believe to be harmful for us.  Hot yoga misses the most important and fundamental aspect of all yoga postures, which is to help push energy through your body, something that is just not done, or done very little at extreme temperatures.  The trend of hot yoga was created by Bikram, who modeled it after the ancient practice of Ashtanga Yoga, in which you make your own heat, by being shown how help move healing energy through aligned bodies, but we do it at a comfortable, healthy temperature.  Brahn teaches Yoga on an entirely different level from the western idea of simply burning calories and sweating, even though you will make yourself sweat in every Ashtanga Yoga class.

Community Room #3 in the Tansley Woods Rec. Centre is a big, beautiful room with a gorgeous wall of windows offering a colourful courtyard garden and forest view.  This picturesque location provides peace and tranquility before you even start your class.  The room has two large closets in the rear, convenient to hang your jacket and toss away your shoes.  We have filtered drinking water in the class at all times, yogic music before and after your class, as well as a bin of freshly washed flannel blankets free to use during the rewarding relaxation pose.


The only thing you need to bring is a yoga mat.   However, we do have extra mats in case you ever forget to bring yours.  We do the practice in bare feet & you wear whatever clothes you can move in freely.  Make sure t-shirts that would gape open at the bottom when you bend over can stay tucked in, & don’t wear elastic bottom pants, since you’ll spend all class constantly re-adjusting them.

It’s best not to eat a large meal with an hour or two of practice & while it’s best not to drink water while you practice, it is important to stay hydrated during the day & after class.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us on our contact page,
or by email: ashtanga-yoga@live.ca
or by calling 905-630-2842 and we will be pleased to assist you!