LEARN REAL, HEALING YOGA & NOT JUST THE LATEST CRAZE.  Ashtanga Yoga in Burlington, Ontario, teaches an ancient healing exercise that has been practiced for millennium.  Brahn’s world-class teaching of yoga is both relaxing and invigorating, quickly showing you how to move energy through aligned, purposeful bodies, helping everyone learn to relieve stress & find true health, as well as an intense learning experience for every level of yogi.  A time-tested, vigorous alternative to today’s trendy hot yoga fadLearn more.
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Check out our class schedule and class overview. To reserve your spot be sure to email us as space is limited.
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Our yoga instructor, Brahn, has over 18 years of teaching experience in Burlington, Ontario. He is a yoga expert who will guide you to properly through constant adjustments and easy to understand, articulate instruction.  Brahn has been telling his students for more than 18 years that he cannot get sick or diseased, and continues to prove that everyday.  Let him show you how…